Rancho Hunting

Customs formalities

It will be necessary for you to have a valid passport and a special Russian hunting tourist visa to enter and depart from the country.

We will organise all the necessary documents and send you an official invitation, which enables you to obtain a Russian visa in the Russian Federation embassy located in your country.

We will meet you in the airport with a translator and help you to complete all paperwork necessary to pass the customs and police control on entry.

We will give you all essential papers for the export of your hunting trophies from Russia and for the import to your own country, including CITES permit and veterinary certificates.

Firearms import

You can visit Russia with your rifles or shotguns without any problems. We will be responsible for all the formalities and will arrange the necessary receipt of import and use permits. It can take up to 6 weeks to arrange the permits so notification of make, model, serial number and calibre of your arms as soon as possible is imperative. It is permitted to bring two firearms and up to 200 bullets or equipment of up to 5 kg
maximum. Also it is possible to purchase high-grade bullets in Russia. Your firearms import permit will be given to you at the airport by one of our representatives to enable you to pass the customs control.


You can bring your dogs into Russia by air. Your dogs should be tattooed and have all necessary vaccinations and be inculcated against rabies not earlier and not later than a month. You have to produce to the Russian
Customs controls an international transit certificate, a valid medical card, and also a certificate of a rabies vaccination for veterinary inspection. In the case of nonobservance of these conditions your dog can be placed in quarantine and will remain there for the entire period of your stay in Russia.

Preparing for your journey

You will not require blankets, bedding or towels as we will supply you with them. You should take the same warm clothing that you would generally be using for hunting in wintertime in England, since temperature in autumn in the morning may be to be close to zero. Take

  • Waterproof Camo or Realtree Jacket and over trouser
  • Waterproof or Wellington boots
  • Mosquito repellents
  • GPS (if avaliable)
  • Sport suit
  • Clothing for leisure
  • Books, newspapers, etc.

Our hunting camps are located in very remote places, the nearest store is 20 km, therefore please do not forget anything you think you might need.


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