Rancho Hunting


Welcome to Russia!

‘Rancho Hunting’ is a Russian company specialising in providing small and big game hunting in the North-West of Russia.

In March, 2000 Rancho Hunting won a regional tender organized by the Administration of St Petesburg region to lease two spectacular hunting areas totalling over 400’000 acres for the period of 15 years. Both territories are located approximately 200 km from the second largest Russian city of St Peterburg. One hunting area is in the Luga region to the south of St Petersburg and another near the city of Lodeinoe Pole in the north-east.

Today Rancho Hunting is completely responsible for administering and controlling the hunting and conservation of these two areas, who’s detailed plans are represented on the map. These areas are extremely wild and sparsely populated giving rise to a vast variety of potential game:

Small Game include : Woodcock, Capercaillie, Black grouse, Snipe, Hazel grouse, Hare & Ptarmigan.

Big Game include : Brown bear, Elk, Wolf, Lynx, Wild Boar & Roe Deer.


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